CHP system of Sasol WAX GmbH, Hamburg

Seamlessly integrated


At its site in the port of Hamburg, Sasol Wax GmbH built a gas turbine plant (6.3 MWel) with a downstream supplementary fired saturated steam waste heat boiler (30 t/h) to optimize the environmental performance and energy cost structure.

The plant was integrated in an existing building. It includes the gas turbine, a supplementary fired saturated steam waste heat boiler, a gas compressor station, a LT heat extraction system, a new medium and low voltage system and all media connections to the existing onsite systems.

BLS Energieplan GmbH has carried out examination of different approaches to electricity and heat generation as part of a economical feasibility study. Based on these results, BLS implemented the preferred option with subsequent construction supervision.



Sasol Wax GmbH, Hamburg



Planning services and construction supervision of all trades in  gas turbine plant construction including integration into existing steam network.


Project period

from 2010 to 2013

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