Gas turbine plant (CHP) in Bremen

Decaffeination of green coffee


Coffein Compagnie Dr. Erich Scheele GmbH & Co KG runs a green coffee decaffeination plant at their production site in Bremen. In 2012, a new CHP plant was put into operation to reduce energy costs. This CHP plant comprises a gas turbine and a waste heat boiler for steam generation. The CHP plant generates all the power required by the production facility. The plant was dimensioned for heat-controlled operation. With turbine full load, approx. 50% of the generated power can be delivered to the public grid.

Technical data of the CHP plant:

  • Gas turbine: Electric output (at 10°C) 6,400 kW,  electrical efficiency: 33 %
  • Waste heat boiler: Saturated steam pressure 12 bar steam output 16.5 t/h
  • Natural gas compressor: Natural gas – inlet pressure 5 bars(g) Natural gas – outlet pressure 21 bar(g)


Coffein Compagnie
Dr. Erich Scheele 
GmbH & Co KG
Sebaldsbrücker Heerstr. 191A
28309 Bremen


  • Planning services for all technical trades for gas turbine plant construction
  • Integration into an existing steam boiler plant
  • Construction supervision

Project period

from 2010 to 2012