Berlin Brandenburg Intenational Airport BER

Energy supply right from the start


E.ON edis AG along with a team applied for a contract to supply heat, cold, power and emergency current to the International Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (BBI).

At the moment of tender, BLS Energieplan GmbH was a part of this team as a concept creator. After the contract award to E.ON edis, BLS Company was appointed as the planning department for the total large project of energy generation within in Berlin-Brandenburg. In contrast to the airport itself, the system was accepted and has been in operation since 2012.

CHP plant with 4 x 2 MW electric output and boiler units (2 x 10 MW) were implemented as planned. Cold is generated by two compression refrigerating machines (2 x 5.6 MW) and two absorption machines (2 x 1.4 MW) driven by exhaust gases of engines and thus achieve a high COP value exceeding 1.3. The cooling systems were supplemented with a central 3,500 m3 cold accumulator.

Task definition

  • Energy supply in a combined tri-generation process
  • Efficiency and COP optimization
  • Highest availability meeting BBI safety requirements
  • Expandability

Planning contents

  • Construction of a new energy control center for combined power (8 MW), heat (27 MW) and cold (18 MW) supply
  • Construction of a new heating plant of 3.4 MW thermal
  • Construction of a new emergency power plant of 10.1 MW electrical
  • Integration of the existing heating plant 27 MW thermal


E.ON edis AG


  • Technical plant engineering from design and project supervision
  • Local site management
  • Support during commissioning

Project period

from 2009 to 2012

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