Strategic Energy Concept Krampnitz


For the urban development area of the Krampnitz casern, a detailed energy concept is prepared. It includes different supply strategies for the different supply media. The integrated infrastructure and energy concept is developed by the BLS Energieplan GmbH.


  • Demand and potential determination for the reconstructed existing buildings and the new constructions
  • Development and comparison of different supply strategies regarding the compliance of the ecological and economical goals
  • Integrated analysis for power and heat production and distribution and gas supply 
  • Evaluation of various technologies like CHP, waste water heat, surface geothermal energy, wood biomass and solarthermics
  • concept for low temperature grid
  • development of recommendations 


Energie und Wasser Potsdam GmbH


Development of the energy concept

Project period

since 2013

Infrastructur and energy concept at EUREF-Campus

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