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Pilot plant of a high-temperature thermal storage system

Lumenion GmbH develops high temperature storage system, aiming at establishing a solution for the...

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100 % Climate Protection Master Plan Municipality

The state capital Potsdam is one of 22 master plan municipalities, that are supported by the...

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Planning contract for the laboratory at the Research Center Borstel

In January, the Research Center Borstel advertised a competiton for their new laboratory at...

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Research at BLS

The commitment to the Mobility 2 Grid reseach project within the SINTEG came just before the end of...

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BLS involved in SINTEG - WindNODE

Within the research SINTEG (of the BMWi), the BLS Energieplan GmbH is cooperation partner of the...

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Succesfull competition in Essen

BLS Energieplan GmbH first place in a Europe-wide solicitation competition for the new...

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BLS recieved orter for the Clay-Schule, Berlin-Neukölln

For the replacement of the Clay high in Berlin-Neukölln, the engineering is assigned to the BLS...

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Berlin Energy and Climate Protection Program

Developement of measures on the path to a climte neutral Berlin 2050, was the ask for the Berlin...

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German property developer prize for modernization 2015

The award of the german property developer price was handed to a housing construction site, for...

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Frank Walter Steinmeier opens Berlin Summer School


Summer School

Federeal minister Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier opens the german russian summer school at the...

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