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  • 30 years of regenerative renovation with BLS Energieplan
  • Offices in Berlin, Greifswald, Eisenh√ľttenstadt, Frankfurt/Main, Luxemburg

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Founded in 1984 to figure out and implement innovative sustainable energy concepts, BLS Energieplan today is itself a sustainable enterprise. We develop projects aimed at highly efficient energy supply with perfect continuity. Always with an anticipatory view of forthcoming solutions, often ahead of time. About 100 employees are working on it - in five sites with headquarters in the EUREF Campus, Berlin. Berlin climate targets for 2050 are already implemented in the urban districts today based on our planning. CO2-neutral with regenerative decentralized energy supply, "Micro Smart Grid" and buildings meeting LEED Gold or Platinum standards. Visit us. There are plenty of charging stations for electric vehicles available.

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