Pollutant cleanup / Building protection

Steglitzer Kreisel, Berlin


Land Berlin cleans up the skyscraping tower of the"Steglitzer Kreisel" housing complex including the base structure and basement area from building pollutants. As a part of ARGE K5 (Work Group on Pollution Control), BLS cooperates with its partners CONVIS, GSU and SKPto and provides general planning services. At the same time, the building is secured for a long downtime period until it is refurbished for use. Considering its complexity and technical framework conditions (pollutant cleanup and dismantling in a sensitive environment with continued operation of the base structure with stores, hotel, offices and apartments), the building project is ranked among most challenging and large-scale renovation projects in Berlin. 

Production costs: about € 20 million
Area: 40,500 m2 (GFA)


SILB c./o. BIM GmbH Berlin


  • Planning and supervision of the building technical equipment with dismantling of old systems
  • unbundling of private areas for reconstruction and new construction in the vacant period
  • Planning services of HOAI phases 2 - 8 for all technical disciplines

Project period

from 2011 to 2015


Office building 10/11 at the EUREF-Campus

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Office building 14 at the EUREF-Campus

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Office building 12/13 at the EUREF-Campus

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