Substitute fuels (EBS) for thermal power plant in Stavenhagen

Supply of process steam and electric power to the Pfanni Company works in Stavenhagen


Nehlsen Neubrandenburg GmbH has constructed and now operates the TTP under a contracting agreement with Pfanni Company (Unilever).

The EBS based TTP comprises a fuel bunker, a boiler house with a steam boiler line, a semi-dry process-based flue gas cleaning unit, a turbo generator set with an extraction condensing turbine, an air condensing system and necessary auxiliary equipment.

The TTP runs on substitute fuels (EBS) generated by a mechanical-biological treatment plant (MBT) located 12 km away.

The plant was commissioned and energy supply started in 2007.

Technical data

  • Thermal capacity: 40 MW                                                                            [53 t/h of live steam at 420 °C and 42 bar(g)]
  • Electric capacity: up to 9.5 MW


Nehlsen AG


  • General planning and turnkey project supervision
  • Planning services for HOAI for all technical trades

Project period

from 2004 to 2007