Substitute fuels (EBS) for thermal power plant in Glückstadt


A thermal power plant based on substitute fuels (EBS), paper fiber waste, coal and fuel oil was constructed for energy supply of the Steinbeis Temming paper mill in Glückstadt.

The power plant consists of a fluidized bed boiler, which provides steam to both generate up to 23 MW of electric output in an extraction-condensing turbine and for the production needs of the paper mill.

EBS, paper fiber material and coal continued to be supplied as fuels and necessary media connections to the 400 m distant existing power plant were rebuilt and all auxiliary systems were newly erected within framework of the project.


Steinbeis Papier Glückstadt GmbH & Co.


  • Planning services within the meaning of HOAI for all technical trades
  • Commissioning support

Project period

from 2006 to 2009

Substitute fuels (EBS) for thermal power plant in Stavenhagen

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