BTB GmbH – Innovative CHP installation


BTB GmbH is an operator of energy generation plants and grids in decentral situations throughout Berlin.
In 2019, BTB GmbH contracted BLS Energieplan GmbH to plan the technical systems for the new CHP plants at Adlershof and Schöneweide.
At the Adlershof site, two CHP gas engine plants with a total electrical output of 9 MW form the CHP backbone. Renewable heat will be produced at the Schöneweide site by two heat pump systems, operating on run-off river water (Spree) as a heat source, feeding thermal energy at up to 95 °C into the district heating network.
The nominal heating capacity of the heat pump system is 3 MW each. Higher sourcing temperatures during summer seasons will lead to a heating capacity of over 4 MW each.
Together, Schöneweide and Adlershof form an innovative combined heat and power system combinations as subsidized through the German Act on CHP systems.
The installations starts in 2020, and commissioning will take place in 2022 (Adlershof) and 2024 (Schöneweide).