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  • Update of the technical room book
  • Consulting services on business description and risk analysis
  • Business management support after acceptance

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Our services cover a wide range from the TGA (technical building services) peripherals planning for customers or suppliers of medical devices (MRT, X-ray, ultrasonics, etc.) through modular labs, health facilities such as care homes and hospitals in the healthcare field up to research laboratories and category S3/L3 and S4/L4 animal facilities. We possess special knowledge required for this field in terms of standardization, hygiene and safety requirements. According to our experience, when planning in the field of health and research, scenarios for possible extension or conversion as well as for later integration possibilities for special devices in terms of both space and media provision are to be considered shortly after the planning starts.

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References in the realm of research and health

Friedrich Loeffler Institute, Isle of Riems


Overhaul of the animal facility Max Delbrück Centrum House 63


Science and Innovation Center GoIn in Golm


Center for Dentistry, Oral Medicine and Orthodontics